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Membership in the National Committee on Pay Equity is free. NCPE has adopted a Statement of Principles as its membership application for both voting and associate members.

Types of Membership

A voting member is a trade union, other workforce representative, women's or minority/civil rights organization — represented by a designated contact person — that endorses the NCPE Principles. These members have voting rights and are eligible for Board membership.

An associate member is an organization or group that endorses the NCPE Principles and is entitled to full participation in NCPE, except for voting rights and eligibility for Board membership.


There are three categories of associate membership:

  • Supporting — organizations other than those types listed in voting membership that endorse the NCPE Principles
  • Governmental — government units that endorse the NCPE Principles
  • Individual — individuals who endorse the NCPE principles

Use this online form
to join the National
Committee on Pay Equity

Or you may print and fill out the Statement of Principles, indicating the type of membership desired, and email an image to Connie York, NCPE Secretary-Treasurer.

There are no formal dues collected for membership at this time.