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What You
Can Do

Whether you are an employer, advocate, legislator, or an individual working woman, you can help close the wage gap by getting involved. One way to get involved is to join NCPE's annual Equal Pay Day campaign.

Businesses can take the first step towards achieving pay equity by examining their pay practices to determine if they treat all employees equally. Many employers may not realize their pay scales favor white men as a result of historical and conventional biases and inconsistencies.

Pay equity makes good business sense. It promotes a workforce that feels valued, which helps the bottom line. Today, in our competitive economy, fair pay policies will also help attract the best workers.

Employers: Complete a Self-Audit. This 10-step guide helps you analyze your company's practices.



Individuals can contact your House Representative and Senators to tell them how important fair pay is to you! Also, ask them to co-sponsor the current bills in Congress that would help to achieve fair pay. Information about how to contact your members of Congress is available here.

You also can contact the leadership of Congress.

Individuals can form or join WAGE Clubs, groups that are forming throughout the country to mobilize groups of women to talk about the wage gap and to obtain the tools, support and momentum they need to get even at work. See The WAGE Project.

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