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Equal Pay Day

Equal Pay Day involves thousands of local advocates in programs and activities focused on eradicating wage discrimination against women and people of color. Local Equal Pay Day activists organize rallies, lobby days, speak-outs, letter-writing campaigns, workshops, and meetings with employers, policy-makers, and enforcement agencies to promote effective solutions for closing the wage gap. Red is worn on this day as a symbol of how far women and minorities are "in the red" with their pay.

Equal Pay Day Kit:

At right are the kit elements developed by the members of the Equal Pay Day Committee of the National Committee on Pay Equity. Use them for your own planning and be sure to report back on the form provided.

Start a WAGE Club!

NCPE encourages its members and supporters to form WAGE Clubs throughout the country. A WAGE Club allows women to gather regularly to participate in a series of discussions and strategy sessions to help each other take action to close the wage gap in their workplaces. It is a new grassroots movement to empower women to achieve pay equity!

Legislative Background — gives information on Federal and State laws that are being considered to eliminate the gap in wages.
Equal Pay Day Activities — suggests activities that you can undertake in your local area to raise awareness about the pay gap and ways to close it.
Sample Letter to the Editor — Suggested letter to send to the newspaper in your locale.
Sample Op-Ed — provides a template for you to cut and paste to your own document, insert your state wage gap information and then send to the appropriate print media source in your locale.
Sample News Advisory — gives a format for a press advisory that you could cut and paste, personalize with your state or city data and deliver to media outlets in your area. You can explain the seriousness of the problem and the actions that your group intends to take to bring pay equality problems to public attention.
Activity Response Form — is a reporting form to capture what you planned and did on Equal Pay Day.
Equal Pay Day Proclamation — is a sample proclamation that you can encourage the mayor of your city or the chair of your central labor body to endorse and publicize.